Cobble East

Cobble East Paint Colors

Building Colors

From Benjamin Moore Paints, the colors are:

  • Simply White (OC-117) - for the body of the building
  • Slate (CW-700 modified 25% lighter) - for the “faux wood like stucco” areas of the building
  • Hamilton Blue (HC-191) - for the doors
  • The dark bronze color - gutters and fascia on the buildings and the exterior parking and pool light fixtures is a custom color created by Benjamin Moore from one of our cans of "Southern Bronze" spray paint that was used on the metal for touch ups on the pool fence. We will add the formula notes here when available.

Fence Colors

The fence posts are painted with:
Accurate Aerosols
Custom Color Universal Blend
AC9510-81784 / Southern Bronze / 9/1/2020

The fence stain is:
Minway Wood Finish Penetrating Stain
Semi-Transparent = Dark Walnut 2716
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